I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. -Albert Einstein

In a  Nutshell

I am  a lifelong artist, explorer, and seeker of knowledge.

I am in love with the language of life in stories and pictures.

I am a determined creator with a distinctive and endless vision,

seeing beauty in the flaws, grace in imperfection.

I am a passionate lover of life and all it brings,light and dark,

funny and tragic.

I am inspired, imaginative, and involved.

I am curious, creative, and compassionate.

I am outgoing, optimistic and original.

I am a lover of abandoned spaces, and the natural world

that reclaims them.

I am real, fiercely individual, and fallible.

I am outspoken, sometimes opinionated, always empathic.

I am filled with doubt and hope and love.


 My Story

In The summer of 1975 a carload of teenagers drove down a long and bumpy gravel road in the dark to the long abandoned, and reportedly haunted, Stotesbury Mansion aka Whitemarsh Hall. It was an immense arrangement of dark and tragic mystery. The structure was stable looking from the outside albeit covered in ivy, but the insides were questionable and heavily vandalized. Still, the underlying beauty of the once magnificent mansion lingered in the details and atmosphere of the place. I was 16 that year and I fell in love. In love with architecture, decrepitude, and Brian Baker. Brian Baker went the way of most teen love, but the few trips we made to that mansion are indelibly imprinted on my brain. That place changed me in many ways. I learned to be more adventurous and less fearful. I learned what the exhilaration of danger feels, smells, and tastes like. I learned to see the beauty in what was, and look beyond the surface of things for stories. I learned that places, not just living things have a spirit, an essence, and that has stayed with me.

As an artist my work is a dialogue between my current experience, my memory, and imagination. My mind is a busy place full of questions about the polarities of life and what really matters. Art is a means of exploring these questions. I witness the distinctions between beauty and sadness and look for the space in between, the essence, the untold story.

That ancient mansion developed my aesthetic early on but the experiences of my life are there too. The job as an amusement ride operator, farm worker, and burlap slubber to name a few. The unexpected trips to Spain in summer, and Yellowstone in the dead of winter. Many miles of road trips, abandoned buildings, and country roads explored. The antics of my cats, and the stability of my husband. Oh, and the ever changing magic of the natural world, possessing power beyond my comprehension.  All this is fodder for my relationship with my work and in my life. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

I currently work full time in my home studio as a illustrator, photographer, writer, and artist of many mediums. I share a big house with my awesome husband, 2 very furry cats, and 2 small parrots. We are learning to live simply. Want to know more? Hearing from you would totally make my day. Really! You can use the handy contact form, and while you’re at subscribe to the newsletter for the best of the best. See the tabs at the top of the page.

In the mean time…

One Dozen Random Facts about Gwyn

1. When I was a child I rode a painted pony and danced with a monkey. They were my pets!

2. In third grade I won 2 spelling bees, tested at college level for spelling, and 8th grade for comprehension, but I was in a special class for under achievers. I always spell exersize exercise wrong.

3. I am an aspiring suburban farmer and long to have chickens and fiber animals. I dream of spinning and weaving.

4. I am an athletic spaz and was picked after the legally blind girl for teams in Jr. High. I was cool with that. I have learned to honor my body with yoga and other things not involving balls.

5. My parents met in art school and the art gene runs strong on both sides of my family. So does the crazy gene.

6. I am an only child and spent many hours alone reading, often in the branches of trees. I still read voraciously though rarely in trees. Don’t mess with my alone time!

7. My superpower is being a relentlessly optimistic imagination agent. My kryptonite is Gloomy Gus and Negative Nelly.

8. I am an eNFp on the Briggs Myers scale, an Enneagram type 7, and a creator, explorer, magician in archetypes. I am a Sunday child and an absolute Sagittarius. I am glass half full with occasional cloudy days.

9. I dream in technicolor and vivid detail, and sometimes my dreams solve problems and help me work.

10. I’d like to have dinner with Patti Smith and Georgia O’Keeffe to name two.

11. My Mother grew up in Austria making me a first generation American on her side.

12. I am 52 years old and starting over with this work. I am good with that.