Memento Vita ~ Remember Life

If you like the style of my digital work I ‘d love to work with you to create a personalized, custom image.

Mementos are an opportunity to honor those significant events in our lives. Milestone birthdays, anniversaries  and graduations, weddings and memorials. Even more ordinary celebrations like a new home or job. Work with me to create a visual and verbal  memory of your precious life.

I will collaborate with you to create a custom image accompanied with words that is unique to your experience. This may include poetry, vows, song lyrics selected by you, and imagery created by me with your preferences.

The example here was created for a young man in honor of his uncle who passed away in Fall. They were both lovers of nature, language, and especially loved autumn. The poem written by the nephew is in Italian, the language he shared with his uncle and that has become his work as a language professor. It is an honor for me to work on such meaningful projects that help us remember, and sometimes heal.

Custom work is priced by project starting at $300 for the image. Prints are priced by size as in my shop, and alternative supports such as canvas are optional.  I will work with you to create something that works for you, and creates a lasting, and meaningful work of art. Please contact me for a free quote.