These words are my mantra in work and life. Art as a way of knowing. Hope as a way of seeing. Truth as a way of being.

Making and looking at art allows us to tap into the deeper part of ourselves (our subconscious, our dreams) and know ourselves better. It is through knowledge of our authentic selves that we can be our best in the world. Surrounding ourselves with art that inspires and moves us reminds us every day who we are.

Hope allows us to look beyond what is obvious and see what is possible. We live in difficult and often frightening times, and keeping hope alive allows us to see the world not as it is, but as it might be. Making positive change in the world requires a hopeful attitude.

Truth is who we are and what we share when we are authentic and living in a place of hope.

This blog is where I share my experience of art, hope, and truth. While I strive to remain true to this mantra, I am human and I struggle. Writing is my way of getting back to myself. Sharing is my way of starting conversations and gaining insight. Please join me in this journey and lets make the world a better place.

I will be posting as follows:

Mondays– Art as a Way of Knowing. I will be sharing my experience of making healing art intentionally, and about how I learn and heal from the art I make to show and sell. I will also be sharing the experience of building a profitable business through the many facets of art. This is about much more than trading art for dollars.

Wednesday– An Artist’s Life. Here I will share the ups and downs of my art life and personal life as they are always intertwined. I will share techniques, experiences, and lessons learned.

First Fridays– Creative Challenge. This is a fun day to kick off the month. I will present the fun projects I create for myself to keep the mind sane, and the muse alive. This may include failed projects and silly solutions for them. I welcome readers to join me!

Sunday– Sunday’s Child is something I have done for a while. This is a random photo taken sometime that week paired with a quote, or poem that moves me. Just a contemplative message to begin the week with.

From the heart,