Why am I doing this?

For as long as I can remember art, myth and story have been my source for comfort, retreat, self expression, and self exploration. Whether losing, and then finding myself in exploration or creation, word and image are my salvation. The natural world is an integral part of my experience of art and story, constantly revealing new versions of itself through human influence, weather, time, and seasons. I feel it is my job to share that which has given me so much.

What is the purpose of my work?

My mission is to convey my personal vision, my minds eye. Through visual art, most recently photography, I have learned to see differently and more deeply, to look beyond the surface or read between the lines, and find beauty in imperfection light in the darkness. I hope to help others see the world in this way. What’s mine to do in the world is to awaken people to other ways of seeing. Art is, after all, about seeing.

How is this different or better than what exists?

My vision is unique in that I imbue my images with color and texture weaving my stories for them into every nuance. Like my way of seeing the world my pictures reveal more than meets the eye initially. They draw the viewer in to find their own stories and feelings in the details. Let my pictures tell your stories, and reveal your dreams.

Why should you buy my art?

Bottom line: It makes you feel good.

In addition to having beautiful images on your walls my work is a natural conversation starter. Each person that sees it brings their senses and stories to the table.

I strive to use the best materials possible in all my work to offer a fine art print with optimal longevity.

Using Epson water, scratch and fade resistant pigment inks on Hahnemühle Bamboo, the world’s first digital fine art inkjet paper made from resource saving bamboo fibers, creates artwork to last a lifetime.

The warmth and subtle texture of Bamboo emphasizes the sensuality and detail of my images and adds depth to the rich colors.

Why should you work with me?

If you hire me for illustration or custom work you will have the experience of my training in fine art and conceptual illustration, my years of design work, creative problem solving, and deep observation of what moves people. I will bring the same attention to detail, story, and quality materials to your work as I do to my own, working with you rather than for you.